Limited Liability Company registration

Limited Liability Company registration

Before bringing up a question directly about state registration of LLC, you should determine for yourself the following moments:

  • unique enterprise name;
  • quantity of participants (no more than 100);
  • amount of authorized capital and balance of participants’ shares;
  • list of the main activity types according to Classifier of economic activities (Russian equivalent KVED);
  • legal address of the enterprise;
  • contact telephone number;
  • appoint chiefs. Take a position of a Director can somebody of Founders or invited hired employee. An order of hiring and labor contract is registered for him.
    Director’s information is noted in registration documents.

Documents needed for LLC registration:

  • application for state registration;
  • application for choosing a simplified tax system / for registration as VAT payer – (at the will of an applicant);
  • copy of the protocol original on LLC foundation;
  • LLC Statute (it could be registered also without a Statute, namely using a model Statute). In such case it is important to remember that any individual questions are determined in other documents. For example, in the contract LLC foundation or regulations on general meeting or other internal documents. But they are not given by the registration.
  • passport and identification code of Founders and Director;

A result of registration procedure execution is:

  • record in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Sole-Proprietors and Public formations (further — Register);
  • extract from the Register. At the will of an applicant extract can be given out in paper form with signature and seal of the State Registrar;
  • constituent document in electronic form. In case of Legal Entity registration on the ground of an individual Statute.

It should be mentioned that data entering to the Register, roughly speaking, is only a beginning of the registration. As for standard enterprise activity is necessary to do the following series of successive actions, which actually are components of the registration.

Opening an account in a bank:

In case of formation an authorized capital of LLC at expense of means, should be opened a current account in a bank for its formation. An authorized capital of LLC is liable to be paid by the participants till the end of the first year since the day of the state registration. Minimal and maximal amounts are not stipulated by the legislation.

After handing of the document package required by the bank, an account is opened. But it starts functioning as current only after additional providing to the bank a copy of Statute and notification-answer on account registration by the control authority by the location of Legal Entity.

Seal making:

Since 2014, using seals by Business Entities of individual right is voluntary. But if seal availability is stated in LLC Statute, it must be available.

We are paying your attention that above are described only key moments of LLC registration. Specific document package, terms and all necessary actions for the registration of YOUR enterprise you can learn, making a call by the number 050 154 24 67 or 068 822 59 52. We would be glad to answer all the questions.

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